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Antonia is a 3d mesh created by ODF and developed into a full-fledged Poser figure with the help of many talented community members at Antonia is free and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license. The latest version (1.2.0 at the time of writing) is available from:


  • 1 Visit the biggest thread Renderosity has ever seen:
  • 2 Frequently Asked Questions
  • 3 Status
  • 4 Version History (Changelog).
    • 4.1 Changes in 1.2.0
    • 4.2 Changes in 1.0.0
    • 4.3 Changes in 0.9.126
    • 4.4 Changes in 0.9.125
    • 4.5 Changes in 0.9.124
    • 4.6 Changes in 0.9.123
    • 4.7 Changes in 0.9.122
    • 4.8 Changes in 0.9.121
    • 4.9 Changes in 120
    • 4.10 Changes in 118
    • 4.11 Changes between 114 and 117
  • 5 Links to images of Antonia.
  • 6 Links to Free add-on Content.
    • 6.1 Get the base-texture for free here:
    • 6.2 BluEcho's "Antonia's Free Site"
    • 6.3 Textures, Texture Sets, Shaders.
    • 6.4 Morphs
    • 6.5 Characters
    • 6.6 Clothing
    • 6.7 Hair
    • 6.8 Hair Fits
    • 6.9 Poses
    • 6.10 Utilities
    • 6.11 Other
  • 7 Commercial products which support Antonia:


Visit the biggest thread Renderosity has ever seen:


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there four different CR2 files? Antonia comes with two different UV mappings and in two different resolutions. The 'A' mapping (AntoniaA and AntoniaA-lo) is the original mapping made by me (odf). The new mapping (Antonia and Antonia-lo) was made by Renderosity member MikeJ and is cut more conventionally. There are free textures available for both mappings, so if you load a texture and it does not fit, be sure to try it with the other mapping. In other words, if you've loaded AntoniaA or AntoniaA-lo, try Antonia or Antonia-lo, and vice versa. What are the relative scaling factors of the UV maps? (This question will not concern you unless you make textures.) The scaling factors for the 'A' mapping are as follows:
  • 1 x for body and feet
  • 2 x for hands and skull
  • 4 x for the nails and everything on the face map
  • 4 x vertical and 10 x horizontal for the genitals
I don't know whether either of the other available UV mappings have defined scaling factors.



The development is complete. Please note that poses and full-body morphs made for Antonia 1.0 and earlier may not work on the current version (1.2.0), since the former 'hip2' actor has been renamed to 'hip' and the former 'hip' actor to 'waist'. The change became necessary in order to make Wardrobe Wizard support possible. In general, it should be very easy to update files using the old actor names: replace 'hip' with 'waist' everywhere in the file, and then replace 'waist2' with 'hip'. Be careful if your file contains 'hip' or 'waist' as parts of longer words, though. For example, a brute-force replacement as described above would turn the word 'shipment' into 'swaistment'.


Version History (Changelog).

Changes in 1.2.0
  • removed highlights from toecap and brow material defaults
  • blocked translations of the hip (previously hip2) actor
  • added more empty morph channels
  • renamed actor hip to waist and hip2 to hip for WW-compliance
Changes in 1.0.0
  • put all visible channels into groups
  • use targetGeom channels for all user-faced custom settings
  • better joint parameters for the tongue2 actor
  • synchronized the eyelid positions with the eyeball x-rotations
  • created a set of expression morphs
  • fixed the joint center and angle for the lower jaw actor
  • fixed the position and angle of the teeth in the default shape
  • added a JCM and head control for extending the tongue (using tongue1/ztrans)
  • added a JCM and head control for opening the mouth (using jawLower/xrot)
Changes in 0.9.126
  • introduced control channels in the BODY actor for all the JCMs
  • fixed some problems in the foot joint
  • fixed JPs for neck and collar
  • fixed JPs for thigh and shin twist and hip2 bend
  • added a JCM for thigh inward z rotation
Changes in 0.9.125
  • added JCMs for head back and head turn
  • added JCMs for upward toe bend
  • added curl and spread morphs for toes
  • fixed problems in first big toe actors
Changes in 0.9.124
  • made pose files compatible with Poser 4
  • fixed some problems in the foot rigging
  • prevented Poser from welding the toecaps to the skin
  • reshaped the feet
  • tongue1 no longer moves lower jaw with it
  • made translation channels for tongue1 visible
  • fixed origins and bend parameters for thumb2 and thumb3
  • made hands and feet scale smoothly
  • added JCMs for thumb grasp and spread
  • improved neck stretching and shortening via y-scale
Changes in 0.9.123
  • removed spherical falloff zones from abdomen bend and tweaked angles
  • symmetrized UVs for brow covers (thanks sazzyazzca and Cage)
  • renamed 'oldUVs' variants of figure to 'A' (Antonia-123A.cr2 etc.)
  • re-rigged thumbs with xyz rotation order for all parts
  • reshaped the fingers and thumb
  • changed origins for eye cover actors
  • improved joint parameters for head turn (hat tip at lesbentley)
Changes in 0.9.122
  • better morph for hiding toecaps within the foot
  • eyes no longer welded to the head
  • added empty eye cover actors
  • removed some dial groups
  • hid dependent morph channels
  • hid translation dials except in body, eyes and hip
  • added ankle JCMs
  • improved knee JCMs
  • changed init values for thigh, shin and foot rotations to 0
Changes in 0.9.121
  • applied MikeJ's new UV maps to everything but the eyes
  • improved joint setup in ankles and feet/insteps
  • added JCMs for hands and collars
Changes in 120
  • improved joint setup in neck and head
  • fixed forearm twist setup
  • shrank eyes to a more realistic size
  • fixed little glitch in toe joint zone
  • no more deformation when rotating the figure by the hip
Changes in 118
  • removed actors 'hiphandle', 'groin', 'lHip', 'rHip', 'lBreast' and 'rBreast'
Changes between 114 and 117
  • translation channels no longer frozen
  • fixed head twist glitch
  • head points at objects correctly
  • Posers respect turned off IK chains in legs
  • improved shoulder JCMs
  • improved collar joint setup
  • added a handle for picking the body
  • handles can be switched on and off by a body dial
  • handles no longer deform when bent
  • made low- and high-res cr2s identical (except for morph deltas)
  • drop-down display of body parts is ordered more sensibly
  • added inverse kinematic chains for the arms
  • fixed dents under nipples and buttocks overlap
  • included "eyebrows gone" and "toecaps gone" morphs
  • added blank channels for morph injection


Links to images of Antonia.

Antonia Images


Links to Free add-on Content.

Get the base-texture for free here:

BluEcho's "Antonia's Free Site"


Textures, Texture Sets, Shaders.


Nana Mae for Antonia (Elderly Lady Morphs), by BluEcho
Zoe for Antonia, by Jan
Antoinette for Antonia, by Jan


Glynis-for-Antonia (nudity), by Les Bentley
Cage Page Antonia Stuff


MDP bikini & FBM (near bottom of page)
Antonia QuickSuit, by bob1965 and English Bob
Antonia QuickDress, by English Bob
Dynamic Cocktail Dress, by Laurie Allen
Antonia Tank Top, by Little_Dragon
Free Dyn Dress for Antonia, by karanta
Beach Volleyball Set for Antonia 1.2, by amy_aimei
Bikini Set for Antonia 1.2, by amy_aimei
T-Shirt for Antonia, by GMF8675
Shorts for Antonia, by Justaminute
Camouflage for Antonias Shorts 7 Mat Files for Antonias Shorts from Justaminute
Jeans for IPAShorts 1 Mat File for for Antonias Shorts from Justaminute
Simple Shorts for Antonia, by Cagedrei


Hair Fits



TGP-Poses-01,-for-Antonia (nudity)
TGP-Poses-02,-for-Antonia (nudity)


AP-Utility-Poses (nudity), by Les Bentley
XMP Data Files for Poser 8 & Poser Pro 2010, by Steve Armstrong


Antonia V3 Remapped Character. Uses Victoria 3 Textures, by DPHoadley


Commercial products which support Antonia:

As of version 1.2, Antonia is supported by PhilC's Wardrobe Wizard
Antonia's Wardrobe Wizard license file, by PhilC
KiriTe Hair II, by fabiana
Nicol for Antonia Polygon
A Custom face morph and high quality texture set.

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